About Me

I'm Akib Azmain Turja, a free software user. I use Emacs most of time to do my things. I maintain a few GNU Emacs packages, mostly made out of my own needs. I use GNU as my operating system and use GNU Guix to manage it.

When I speak of free software, I mean the software that gives you freedom, not the software that is gratis.

I know how to program in C, C++, Emacs Lisp. I do also know Scheme and Python, but I'm not proficient enough due to lack of practice.

I mostly use Emacs Lisp, because it's the language of Emacs, and I try to do everything in Emacs. So I'm most proficient in Emacs Lisp, a Lisp dialect only used in Emacs.

I'm trying to learn other programming languages, but Emacs Lisp has essentially removed the need of any other language from my life, so I don't have anything interesting to do with other languages. Clojure, Go and Rust are on my wishlist. Zig and Hare also look interesting.

I try to avoid GitHub as much as possible, due its unethical practices (Copilot is just one of many). I use Codeberg instead, and I strongly encourage you to avoid GitHub and use services like Codeberg or SourceHut or self-host your repositories.